April 10, 2012

Worsted Spring Bangles

Here's an easy craft for you (I don't even need to show you tutorial-type pictures, because they're so easy to make). It's also an excellent way to put some use to those last few yards on your skein.

Collect a plastic bangle (available on Amazon, in thrift shops, etc.) and a small ball of yarn or end of a skein (small enough to easily fit inside the bangle). Hold one end of the yarn and wind the ball around the height of the bangle. Once you've finished wrapping it, simply cut the yarn and tie it to the beginning piece. Use a pair of tweezers or a needle to poke the knot under the wrapping so it isn't visible.

Then recruit a couple good friends to join you in taking pictures of your new crafts! (Can you say "Pssh... so last summer" and "Hopefully this one, too!"??)


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