April 10, 2012

Flowers In My Bedroom

A good way for me to distract my eye from the snow outside is to place fresh flowers around my bedroom (aka my office). They remind me that somewhere in the world, things are green with life.

Like here, on my bedside table. And probably in the Amazon. I was going to say "I bet the sun never sets on an Amazon that isn't green," but I'm thinking that's false.

These wide-open tulips are the sexiest ladies in the house. I love the fluffy stigma on this one. Tulips are actually asexual, so the only one this lady's trying to impress is herself.

One of the great things about flowers is that, as beautiful as they are, they're missing the emotional center of a brain that hopes somebody's going to notice.

I'll keep the girls in my room until I can plant some outdoor tribes outside. Here's looking at you, last week of May!


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