April 12, 2012

Sweet Sally's Soaps

One of my good lady friends has a birthday coming up, so I decided to nose around on Etsy in search of a perfect gift for her. Just to describe her a little bit: she's pretty, petite, runs around barefoot all summer, and somehow always smells good (even when her baby boy was spitting up and drooling all over her). Also, she's recently decided to take on the challenge of eating a vegan diet. I wanted to support her, so I searched for vegan products on Etsy.

The first thing I noticed was that vegan soaps are available from numerous sellers; they do not contain any animal products and are typically made with olive or coconut oil. The soaps I found, on sale from the seller Sweet Sally's Soaps, were made with both of these and palm oil as well.

I wanted to get her a sampler pack (since variety is quite exciting... hello, buffet!) and I thought the price was pretty good, so I placed the order.

They came in yesterday.

I know. Right?  They came tightly wrapped in bubble wrap and before I could get the tape off, the fragrance of them was wooing me.

Every. Single. One.... Is Amazing. They all have their own unique scent. I can definitely tell the different between the Lavender Swirl and the Rosemary Lavender. The Charcoal and Tea Tree bar made me want to run outside and take a shower in the rain.

They are perfect. Sweet Sally's Soaps received positive feedback from me on Etsy, but, unbeknownst to them, I wanted to use my own soapbox to declare that this is a product with high class and high quality. Well done!

If you have any lady friends who like to smell good and also like the luxurious experience of washing with handmade soap, I would give Sweet Sally's Soaps a look. One can't have too many successful shopping experiences, can they?

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