April 12, 2012

Ode To My Porcelain Sink

There's something about a porcelain sink that says "farmhouse." I've always wanted a porcelain sink. And, in the my new-ish (to me, anyway) home, I finally have one!

Bathtubs are porcelain and I love baths. When I wash my dishes in a porcelain sink, it's like I'm giving nice little baths to all my plates and cutlery. I don't have any children to bathe, so I let my dinnerware serve as my babies. It's not weird at all...

Porcelain is made out of ceramic, heated to an extremely high temp in a kiln. My sink's finish is made from clay that has gone to hell and back.

I love how, every time I approach it and touch its surface, it feels cold.

Filled halfway with water and soap, bubbles and porcelain are the same color.

It's soft in the way that it makes you feel comfortable and at home, but don't be deceived! Porcelain can chip when something hard bangs up against it, but (as of I've proven to myself more times than I care to admit) when it fights glass, it always wins.

This owl friend (and his little owl kid) is the sink's proverbial guardian. He makes sure I do the sink justice by keeping it empty most of the time and washing with diligence whatever falls into it.

Now, how's that for an ode to a pearly, white basin?


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